Robin Wood

Founder and President

Robin Wood has been pastoring churches and leading organizations since he was 19 years old. Robin is a church planter and church builder, who uses his dynamic leadership and communication skills to inspire change in the lives of individuals, churches and corporations alike.

One of Robin's greatest strengths as a leader is in the area of fundraising and capital campaigns. Over the last 30 years, he has successfully raised tens of millions of dollars to fund the visions of churches and charities that he has served.

Pastor of Mountain Park Community Church

Robin planted MPCC in Phoenix Arizona in 1987. Under his leadership the church grew from 12 adults to over 4,000 members.

President and Co-Founder of CMA

Under Robin's leadership, CMA was responsible for planting and coaching 74 new churches.

Lead Chaplain/Counselor at Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake is the largest Natural Gas Corporation in America.

VP of Development with Feed The Children

Feed The Children feeds 352,000 children every day and brings clean water, schools, and sustainable jobs to villages and communities around the world.



by Robin Wood (author)

A collection of astounding stories where God made the improbable possible. Unlikely things happened to undeserving people because of the greatness and the love of God. You'll laugh, cry and be motivated to start spiritual conversations and give God a chance to break through into your world.

Yes, it can happen for you too! God wants us to step out in faith. Talk to people about faith, about God, about hope and see what He will do for you.